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4. CYNN / about

Step inside the hazy world of CYNN and you’ll see Cynthia Weiss in her cosmos full of cables, drum pads, intertwined loop stations, flashing synths and a swarm of guitar effects standing in her futuristic control room, from where she controls the maze of instruments and gear with which she makes her downtempo pop music. In this electronic environment, the one woman band CYNN completely merges with her instruments and floats in an endless space full of melancholy songs that she seems to grab out of thin air. Through the cracks of this world, sounds that are reminiscent of acts like The xx, Nothing But Thieves and Moderat shine little rays of light which are sucked into her dreamy pop songs.

Making music is something that Cynthia needs to bring balance to her life. While experimenting with immersive loops and ambient sounds, all kinds of new CYNN ideas flow through her wall of instruments: glittering songs which she colourizes with memories and emotions. All of this came together on her Clarified EP in 2020, which includes the single ‘Not Forever’ the track that was voted ‘Best Song from Groningen’ by the music platform 3voor12 Groningen. Previously, CYNN has captivated venues throughout the Netherlands with her three-dimensional sound, and she stormed the showcase festival Grunnsonic with a live set that washed over the audience like a powerful wave.

©YNN / Photo's by Jessie Kamp